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Neighbour Media is a content-creating and sharing machine. Using videos, pictures, and words to inform, activate and connect the people who
live, work, and play locally.


How We Do It

We focus on the positive and inspiring people in our community. Working hard to earn the trust and attention of our neighbours by delivering valuable content daily on social media, weekly in our email newsletter and monthly through our print publication.

Our monthly paper is unique to other comparisons because of our style, contents, and distribution model.

Our weekly email newsletter is the perfect way to stay informed about what's happening in the community. 

Our social media is active daily with engaging original and community content. 

John Taylor

Newmarket Mayor

In highlighting the many ways that we come together, celebrate milestones, and show how we support each other, this publication has quickly woven itself into the fabric of the community and has lived up to its title, becoming a neighbour to us all.

Ellen Campbell 

Abuse Hurts

We love working with Neighbour Media and advertise monthly in the Neighbour Paper and Neighbour Social. My staff and volunteers have told me that 90% of our referrals are due to Neighbour Media.

Mike Cartwright

Main Street Realty

Since meeting Myles, Lynnette and Elisa I have watched them help build our community in Newmarket and Aurora. They are always working promoting charities and events within the community which impressed me greatly and is the reason I advertise every month in the Neighbour Paper. Our community is better because of them.
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Our office is the community! We love to support local coffee shops for in person meetings.





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